Hotels In India - Trends And Opportunity 2004

Hotels In India - Trends And Opportunity 2004, confirms that hotels throughout India experienced 21.9% growth in RevPAR in 2003/04. Prepared and written by Manav Thadani and Deepika Malkani, the survey reports on a sample of mostly branded hotels.
Manav Thadani, Chairman - HVS Asia Pacific, joined the company in 1995 in its New York Office. He went on to start the India operations in 1997 and was HVS’ first employee in Asia. Over the last 19 years, HVS India has expanded into multiple verticals including Strategic Consulting, Executive Search, Marketing, Communications, Energy & Sustainability and Professional Skills Development. In his current role, Manav oversees all eight offices across Asia Pacific, ensuring that they operate cohesively and effectively. Additionally, he runs four conferences in the region – Hotel Investment Conference - South Asia (HICSA); Hotel Operations Summit India (HOSI); Tourism, Hotel Investment & Networking Conference (THINC) Indonesia, and Tourism, Hotel Investment & Networking Conference (THINC) Sri Lanka. A pioneering entrepreneur and an effective leader, Manav has been a trusted advisor to various industry stakeholders, with his candid views being highly sought after and respected in the field of hospitality. Under his guidance, HVS has garnered the reputation of being the ‘Go To’ hospitality consulting firm in this part of the world. On a personal level, Manav co-founded SAMHI in 2011, a leading Indian hotel investment and development firm with focus on ownership of branded hotels in the mid scale and economy segments across key cities. Manav is also the immediate past Chairman of the World Travel & Tourism Council - India Initiative (WTTCII). Contact Manav at mthadani@hvs.com
Deepika joined HVS in 2003 and is an editor in the company’s Consulting and Valuation division in New Delhi. Prior to HVS, Deepika worked with the Economist Intelligence Unit, New Delhi where she was responsible for industry-specific reports and economic forecasts. Deepika has an MA in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis University, USA. She recently joined ECOTEL as a member of its core team.


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