Snowfalls’s Impact on Ski Market Hotels

Snowfall drives travelers to mountain resorts each ski season, but to what degree, at which resorts, and how far in advance isn’t as clear. What is the correlation between snowfall and hotel occupancy, and how does the economy factor in?
A Senior Vice President with HVS Denver and HVS Director of Business Development, Brett Russell’s 15-year career in hospitality encompasses hotel operations, management, development, and consulting. Brett has overseen hundreds of appraisals, market studies, and feasibility studies for hotels, lodges, and resorts throughout the Americas, with a focus on Colorado full-service hotels and resorts. Contact Brett at 720-877-1376 or [email protected].


  1. john sorensenJanuary 26, 2015

    Bigger concern is snow now, not a year from now. Couple of years ago we planned to go skiing in Colorado for a week, but heard snow was not plentiful at all, so we searched around for snow and ended up at Whistler in Canada. Most people today travel and book within a few weeks of departure, and very few book a year in advance, well at least my friends and I are like that. And now with the Canadian Dollar 25% Cheaper than the US Dollar, because of the recent fall in Oil prices, I think many will look to ski and resort in Canada again.

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