Market Snapshot - Saipan

A quick look at Saipan’s tourism industry and hotel performance as the market benefits from the recent boost of Chinese visitation.
Daniel J Voellm, Managing Partner HVS Asia-Pacific, is based in Hong Kong and has provided advice in all major markets across 23 countries and territories in the region. Daniel Voellm started his career at HVS in the New York office; as Vice President at the global headquarters, he conducted a wide range of appraisals and market studies as well as underwriting due diligence services in 22 US states and in Canada. Daniel brings a strong understanding of the hospitality industry to HVS. His experience in hotel and food and beverage operations in Germany, Switzerland, England and the USA is complemented by an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland. Daniel works closely with key institutional and private owners of hotel properties, financiers, developers and investors, and has gained a strong understanding of their investment requirements and approaches to assessing the market value of investment properties. Daniel further advises on property and concept development and strategy.For more information please contact, [email protected]

About Larissa Lam

A hospitality enthusiast, Larissa Lam joined HVS Hong Kong in 2015 as an analyst. Graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree Cum Laude from Boston University School of Hospitality Administration, Larissa seeks to facilitate HVS researches and market studies with her prior experience in Finance, Sales Revenue, and Operations with several properties in Boston and Hong Kong. Contact Larissa at +852 3628-3870 or [email protected]


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