Golf Courses and Country Clubs

The Golf industry is in the midst of a transition that is challenging the status-quo concept of the golf course, and is forcing the adaption to the new realities of a changing recreational and cultural environment. Golf is not unlike many of the other real estate markets, as it looks to diversify its clientele, and seeks new ways to utilize the facilities and appeal to a larger segment of the population. The market for the stand-alone golf facility is in decline, as the industry is transitioning to country clubs offering facilities for the whole family, and looking to joint ventures with other real estate uses to solidify the financial model. Whether a public or private facility, a careful analysis of the business model is required to fully understand the local market environment in which it operates, the prospects for future growth, and the validation of the business plan for the facility. This is the basis for the valuation of an existing facility, its repositioning, or the development of a new facility to a specifically targeted clientele.

HVS can help you meet these challenges with trusted, impartial advice resulting from our years of studying and guiding golf course, clubs and the accompanying resorts and real estate projects that are often the economic drivers and essential to the financial success and valuation of these assets.

  • We have worked with both multinational lenders, EB5 investors, and local lenders on the valuation of a stand-alone golf facility or a portfolio of 30 golf courses.
  • State and local governments, economic development agencies, and private developers have all benefited from our research and advice, sometimes spanning the entire lifetime of a project from the early planning stages through financing, development, and operations.
  • We have worked in hundreds of cities, towns and villages throughout North America as well as worldwide.
  • We have specialized expertise in golf course and hotel operations and understand the important and complex interactions between these two components.
  • We assist clients throughout the world and team with local area HVS offices. No project is too large or small, too near or far.

HVS serves public and private owners through:

  • Valuation and appraisal
  • Portfolio valuation
  • Market and financial feasibility studies
  • Expert valuation testimony for foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings
  • Distressed asset repositioning
  • Development consulting and project management
  • Litigation support and expert testimony
  • Long range strategic planning
  • Economic land planning
  • Subdivision analysis
  • Club membership planning and bundling
  • Operational analysis and benchmarking
  • Business plan development

HVS studies and values the following types of golf related projects:

  • Stand-alone golf courses, both private and public
  • Country clubs with membership components
  • Membership models including joining fees and dues
  • Golf related companies
  • Related resorts and real estate developments
  • Banquet venues and food service operations

How We Help Our Clients:

  • Perform an appraisal of the property or the various adjoining properties
  • Perform highest and best use analysis of the site
  • Prepare narrative reports including a full feasibility analysis
  • Provide expert testimony and litigation support for the property
  • Independent and objective consulting and advisory services to public agencies and private developers
  • Provide access to the latest trends in virtually every major hotel market in the world
  • Data driven analysis of complex issues
  • Comprehensive databases of financial performance