HVS Tracks 388 Hotel Sales for 2004 Year-to-Date Period Ending September

Our research department has been tracking the feverish pace of U.S. Hotel Transactions this year; our sales data is available for purchase in summary listings for the entire country or by specified location.
For the 2004 year-to-date period ending September, we have tracked 388 hotel sales which have occurred in the U.S.; of these, 111 were major transactions - a sale of $10M or greater - representing a nearly 70% increase in activity over the same period in 2003. These 2004 major transactions totaled nearly $5.9 billion in dollar volume (a 68% increase over the 2003 timeframe), with an average price per room of $156,000 (a 30% increase over the 2003 timeframe). Our listings of major transactions ($10M +) or mid-market transactions ($3M - $9.99M) are available for sale through our HVS U.S. Hotel Transactions Database department manager Amy Pultz. Individual sales information and custom market searches are also available for purchase. For more information, call Amy at (972) 899-5400, Ext. 224 or email at apultz@hvsinternational.com.