HVScompass & JN+A Give Insight into Hotel Renovations

In a recent Lodging Hospitality article, Jon Nehmer of JN+A and Brooke Robinson of HVScompass comment on how to know when it's time to renovate your hotel.
How do you know when it's time to renovate your hotel? In Lodging Hospitality's recent article on the subject, Jon Nehmer (president of alliance partner JN+A) and Brooke Robinson (director of design at HVScompass Interior Design) provide insight into the different reasons for renovation and on the useful life of various items in a hotel. There are many factors that determine when a hotel will need to be renovated and what items will need to be updated or replaced. The article also features a segment on the recent sweep of changes in guestroom design, authored by Jon Nehmer. The section, entitled, "Out with the Old; In with the New," examines some of the latest trends in hotel guestroom design and the impact that they are having on the industry. To read the article in its entirety, pick up a copy of the July 15, 2005 issue of Lodging Hospitality. In addition, the article can be viewed online at www.lhonline.com.