Jenny Ray McCloskey Appointed to Durkan Design Council Advisory Board

HVScompass' Director of Design will serve a 2-year term on Durkan Pattern Carpets - Mohawk Flooring's Design Advisory Board
Jenny Ray McCloskey, Director of Design at HVScompass' Phoenix office, was recently appointed to the Durkan Design Council Advisory Board for 2005 - 2006.

The board members, elected by Principals of Durkan Pattern Carpets - Mohawk Flooring, are chosen based on the leadership role that they play in the Hospitality Interior Design community. Some other notable board members include Shashi Caan of Shashi Caan Cooperative in New York and Lisa Haude, Principal of Paradigm Design in Houston.

During each two-year period, the ten board members meet twice each year to discuss industry trends, design direction, and the hospitality industry as a whole. Their discussions and feedback help Durkan formulate its direction on upcoming lines and new introductions.