HVS Releases 2005 U.S. Major Transactions Survey

HVS International announces the release of the 2005 U.S. Major Hotel Transactions Survey - an analysis of major hotel sales for the year.

HVS International announces the release of the 2005 U.S. Major Hotel Transactions Survey - an analysis of major hotel sales for the year. An update to this preliminary report will be published in April 2006, and will incorporate the sales data from the fourth quarter that was not captured in the initial document. HVS defines a major hotel transaction as "a sale that transferred at $10 million or greater, or a portfolio sale that includes ten or more properties where the purchase price of the single hotel asset was allocated by a principal of the transaction at $10 million or greater."

This survey provides an ongoing history of hotel sales from 1990 to present, discusses the highest priced per room sales of 2005, identifies the year's top buyers and sellers, and provides a listing of sales that have occurred in the 2005 calendar year by sales price.

Information within The 2005 Preliminary U.S. Major Hotel Transactions Survey was generated from the database that was developed by HVS International to maintain hotel information, sales transactions, market studies and company research pertaining to the hospitality industry. HVS is merely a conduit for the data within the survey. HVS does not assume responsibility or liability for the data accuracy, usability, confidentiality, or other matters related to this document.

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To purchase a copy of this report, please contact Amy Beam at (972) 899-5400 ext. 2224, or e-mail at abeam@hvsinternational.com. The cost is $1,200 and must be received in advance. Those who purchase the HVS 2005 Preliminary U.S. Major Hotel Transactions Survey will receive the updated version in April 2006 for no additional charge.