JN+A and HVScompass ranked among top hotel consultants

JN+A and HVScompass were both ranked on Hotel & Motel Management's list of 2007's Top Hotel Consultants

HVS Alliance Partner Jonathan Nehmer + Associates, Inc. and HVScompass Interior Design were both ranked in Hotel & Motel Management magazine's recent survey of the Top Hotel Consultants.  The results of the survey appeared in the April 2, 2007 edition of Hotel & Motel Management.  JN+A was ranked 7th and HVScompass ranked 13th. 

To see all of the ranked firms, pick up the April 2nd issue of Hotel & Motel Management, or go to www.hotelmotel.com/hotelmotel/data/articlestandard/hotelmotel/132007/415564/article.pdf.  For more information on JN+A and HVScompass, contact Julie Bourque at jbourque@nehmer.com