Increased Revenue and Improved Occupancy - A Sales & Marketing Training Program

HVS, the leading hospitality consultancy and services firm, presents a Sales & Marketing Program for increased revenue and improved occupancies in 2008.

HVS Sales & Marketing Services

Is Pleased to Present

"The Ultimate Goal – Increased Revenue and Improved Occupancy"
A Sales & Marketing Training Program

A detailed process of training sales directors and managers in the fundamentals of their roles to support and reinforce your hotel’s sales and marketing plans.

"The Ultimate Goal" is an 8-step process, which includes:

  • Sales Manager and Sales Team Assessments
  • New prospecting tools
  • Manager-Specific sales action plans which support the hotel’s plan
  • Fundamentals of the sales call
  • Creating accountability in the Sales Review Process

To begin customizing a program for your hotel or hospitality company, please contact:

Leora Lanz

Phone: +1 516 248-8828
Email: LLanz@hvs.com

Eydie Shapiro

Phone: +1 201 320-8981
Email: EShapiro@hvs.com