Setting Your Standard Operating Procedures - A Sales & Marketing Training Program

HVS, the leading hospitality consultancy and services firm, presents a Sales & Marketing Program for setting your standard operating procedures.

HVS Sales & Marketing Services

Is Pleased to Present

"Setting Your Standard Operating Procedures"
A Sales & Marketing Training Program

A thorough initiative for independent hotels to establish, document and implement departmental procedures to insure superior guest satisfaction, return visits, positive word of mouth and consistent marketing efforts.

"Setting Your Standard Operating Procedures" includes:

  • Establishing Vision and Mission
  • Communicating and Acquiring Feedback from department heads and line staff
  • Documenting procedures and task lists with all Staff
  • Reviewing With Department Heads and Executive Committee
  • Launching the new SOP's Program
  • Training all departments, individually, to embrace the SOP's

To begin the process of Setting Your Standard Operating Procedures for your hotel please contact:

Leora Lanz

Phone: +1 516 248-8828
Email: LLanz@hvs.com

Eydie Shapiro

Phone: +1 201 320-8981
Email: EShapiro@hvs.com