Record Setting Webinar on "Maximizing Employee Performance and Retention"

If you missed this webinar, here is your chance to find out why a record number of listeners tuned into Alan Keith, VP of 20|20 who provided insight into a topic that many companies struggle with - how to improve employee performance and retention

The Big Secret for Maximizing Employee Performance & Retention

There is a reason so many recently tuned into this record-setting webinar --- employee performance and retention are issues on every leader's mind. Now more than ever, leaders need practical and effective guidance.

If you would like to learn more about general best practices and a modern, scientific approach to getting the most out of your people and organization then please tune into a free replay of this valuable webinar: 

If you would like the powerpoint slides that accompany the webinar, please contact Alan Keith, 516 248-8828 ext 285 or

Stay tuned for our August 27th webinar on "Generation Y."