HVS Introduces New Service: HVS Risk Management

HVS Risk Management

Steve Rushmore, President and Founder, of HVS, the global leader for hospitality consulting and services, is pleased to announce the firm’s newest service: HVS Risk Management.

“HVS Risk Management was formed to satisfy the demand for consulting services specializing in hotel insurance solutions,” explains Rushmore. “We specifically address the needs of hotel owners and operators looking to reduce their overall cost of risk; we have partnered with the premier hospitality insurance agency that can provide access to a full range of risk management and insurance solutions.”

“HVS Risk Management understands the complexity of hotels, and the need for quality insurance coverage,” says Kelly Fitzpatrick, the Managing Director of the new Risk Management service. “Our team is comprised of ‘hotel people’ who fully understand the various risks associated with hotel operations. We work with hotels by reviewing current insurance programs to build a solid loss control and safety program that can lower both employee and guest injury claims, as well as keep operations OSHA compliant.”

About HVS Global Hospitality Services
HVS is a global services and consulting organization focused on the hotel, restaurant, shared ownership, gaming, and leisure industries. Since the launching of the firm in 1980, our clients have relied on our specialized industry knowledge and expertise for advice and services geared to enhancing economic returns and asset value. Through a network of more than 25 offices staffed by approximately 400 seasoned industry professionals, HVS offers a wide scope of services that track the development and ownership process.

Since the year 2000, HVS has performed nearly 20,000 assignments throughout the world for virtually every major industry participant. Our principals literally “wrote the book” on hospitality consulting, authoring numerous authoritative texts and hundreds of articles. HVS is client driven, entrepreneurial, and dedicated to providing the best advice and services in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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