From Rio to Phoenix, HVS Eco Services Contributes to the Global Discussion on Environmental Sustainability Trends in the Lodging Industry.

HVS Eco Services helps North and South American hoteliers find the path to profitable sustainability.

At two major industry conferences in September, HVS Eco Services, an environmental sustainability consultancy focused on the hospitality industry, will introduce hoteliers to new strategies for reducing operating costs, while minimizing their operations' impact on the environment.

John Scaggs, Managing Director of HVS Eco Services, will moderate breakout sessions focused on environmental sustainability trends at the South American Hotel Investment Conference (SAHIC) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on September 15th and The Lodging Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, on September 24th. Panelists include executives from major hotel brands, regional hotel developers, national tourism officials, and designers such as Jon Nehmer, founder of Jonathan Nehmer + Associates, Inc.

"Many feared that the economic downturn would stifle the progress of the environmental sustainability movement. If anything, it has done the opposite. Hoteliers around the globe are more eager than ever to find ways to reduce operating costs, improve guest comfort and loyalty, and become better corporate citizens. A comprehensive environmental sustainability policy drives all of those objectives," said Scaggs. "While the North and South American hotel communities face unique challenges, common solutions to improve environmental performance are highly applicable to both."

The SAHIC will be held at the Sofitel Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana, Brazil on September 14th and 15th, 2009. Speakers include the Brazilian Minister of Tourism, Luiz Eduardo Barreto; Accor Hotels CEO of Central and South America, Roland de Bonadona; and President and Founder of HVS Global Hospitality Services, Steve Rushmore. For more information on the SAHIC, please visit www.sahic.com.

The Lodging Conference will be held at the Arizona Biltmore from September 22nd to 25th, 2009. Now in its fifteenth year, the Lodging Conference is widely regarded as the premier event in North America for presidents and CEOs to discuss trends in development, finance, franchising, management, and hotel operations. For more information on The Lodging Conference, please visit www.lodgingconference.com.

If you will be attending either conference and would like to schedule a meeting with John to discuss ways to reduce operating costs while improving the environmental performance of your hotels, please contact him at jscaggs@hvs.com.

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