HVS Publishes Survey of Major and Mid-Market U.S. Hotel Transactions in 2009

The recession and limited financing continued to hamper the U.S. hotel transactions market in 2009, which saw sales levels fall to their lowest point in two decades.


Dallas, March 10, 2010: HVS has released a survey documenting U.S. hotel transactions in calendar year 2009. The HVS Survey of Major and Mid-Market U.S. Hotel Transactions in 2009 details hotel sales of $10 million and above (major) and hotel sales between $3.0 and $9.99 million (mid-market).

“Of the major hotel sales in 2009, the vast majority of assets sold for between $10 and 50 million, a picture similar to that of 2007 and 2008,” said Amy Beam, HVS Director of Hotel Transactions. “What differentiates 2009 from those latter years is the diminished scale: the number of major transactions in 2009 fell 83% from where it stood in 2007, a decline unprecedented in the past two decades.”

“Price per room showed a similar trend, with the number of sales falling dramatically in categories of $150,000 per room and above. This suggests that the $150,000-per-room mark was a primary barrier of entry to hotel transactions in 2009, a major shift downward from the previous two years, which saw a much larger percentage of transactions in the higher price categories,” said Beam.

The HVS Survey of Major and Mid-Market U.S. Hotel Transactions in 2009 includes an overview of hotel sales price trends since 1990, as well as details on the top sales, price-per-room trends, and the major buyers and sellers in 2009. The survey includes a listing of all confirmed hotel transactions, including asset name, location, number of rooms, month of sale, total sales price, price per key, and buyer and seller.

The survey is available for purchase in the HVS Bookstore: www.hvs.com/Bookstore/#MHTSurvey for $450. For more information about the survey, please contact Amy Beam at abeam@hvs.com.

HVS serves as conduit for the data but does not assume responsibility or liability for data accuracy, usability, or confidentiality.

Amy Beam
HVS Director of Hotel Transactions
Phone: +1 214.629.9728
Email: abeam@hvs.com


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