Hoteliers investing more in getting recruitment right, says HVS Executive Search

The increasing cost of training, retaining and replacing staff, sees the hotel industry invest more in getting recruitment right even for mid-management employees.

London, November 1, 2011: Hotel companies are increasingly head-hunting management staff using a professional recruitment company in an effort to minimise the risk of hiring the wrong person.

HVS Executive Search reports that demand through its London and Moscow offices has grown beyond the traditional confines of CEO and board level positions as companies put more emphasis on recruiting quality staff at all rungs of the organisational ladder.

Executive search specialists were traditionally used for senior board level positions, with other vacancies filled by internal recruiters or recruitment agencies.

“Hoteliers are now employing us to draw up a shortlist of candidates for less senior roles than they would have done before in areas such as operations, sales and marketing, finance and development,” said Chris Mumford, managing director of the London office of HVS Executive Search.

“This growing demand is for a highly focused style of recruitment that relies on our knowledge of the market and our ability to lure talented individuals that would be a good fit for the organisation. Difficult market conditions have prompted hotel companies to invest more in recruitment for a higher success rate,” added Mumford.

One company that has done just that is real estate specialist Invesco. Hotel Fund Manager Director Ascan Kókai said: “The Hotel Fund Management team of Invesco Real Estate has used HVS Executive Search repeatedly for senior and mid-level appointments. Each recruit that was sourced has proved an asset to the company. HVS’s method of recruitment is proactive and the comprehensive screening process each candidate is subjected to assists us greatly with our final decision.”

Added Chris Mumford: “HVS Executive Search is filling a newly-created gap in the European market for targeted searches that can operate within a very short time frame from executive level to junior management positions.

“The increasing cost of recruiting, training and replacing staff, means that improving retention levels and attracting quality personnel at all levels has become paramount. Hotel companies are now taking a long-term approach to mid-management recruitment, who are, after all, senior executives of the future.”

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