HVS Survey Reveals a Rebounding Market for Hotel Transactions in 2011

Hotel transactions in 2011 make major gains; most assets sold were priced below $100 million, though the total sales price for the top three hotel transactions nearly doubles that of 2010.

An HVS survey documenting U.S. hotel transactions in calendar year 2011 shows that major sales again eclipsed levels from the year before; mid-market hotel transactions also rose significantly.

Many factors went into creating transactions opportunities in 2011, including confidence on the part of lenders and buyers, as well as a large number of bank-held properties being put up for sale.

“Over the past two decades, the number of major hotels sold annually has topped 200 seven times,” said Amy Beam, HVS Director of Market Data and Research. “One of those years was 2011, and it’s even more significant that this comes after the virtual standstill of transaction activity since the recession. This sustained run of hotel sales activity over the course of most of 2010/11 is evidence that market conditions are on the upswing.”

The HVS 2011 Survey of Major and Mid-Market U.S. Hotel Transactions details hotel sales of $10 million and above (major) and between $3.0 and $9.99 million (mid-market). The survey tracks hotel sales from 2009, 2010, and 2011 in detail, revealing market dynamics during and in the wake of the recent recession.

The HVS 2011 Survey of Major and Mid-Market U.S. Hotel Transactions includes an overview of hotel sales price trends since 1990, as well as details on the top sales, price-per-room trends, and the major buyers, sellers, portfolio sales, and mergers in 2011. The survey also features a listing of all major and mid-market hotel transactions confirmed by HVS for 2011, including asset name, location, number of rooms, month of sale, total sales price, price per room, and buyer and seller.

The survey is available for purchase in the HVS Bookstore: www.hvs.com/Bookstore/ for $600. For more information about the survey, please contact Amy Beam at abeam@hvs.com.

Please note that HVS serves as conduit for the data in the survey but does not assume responsibility or liability for data accuracy, usability, or confidentiality.