Richard Leonard on the Power of Advice

Richard Leonard, MD at Angelo Gordon & Company, discusses the impact that advice has played throughout his career in a Bonus Feature from the film The Power of Advice.

25 July 2012, New York. The world’s most successful hospitality leaders have contributed their views to a thought-provoking film, entitled The Power of Advice. The film, presented by HVS Executive Search, offers insight into the careers of the most successful industry personalities as each discusses their personal experiences with giving and receiving advice and how it impacted their path to success.

The first of the film’s Bonus Features was released today, and is an interview with Richard Leonard, Managing Director at Angelo Gordon and Company.

The Power of Advice 
"It’s not a one-man show and never can be,” shares Leonard in the film. He also delves into the importance of seeking and providing mentorship, listening skills, the role of gut instinct in a business environment, and whether it is lonely at the top. What is the most important piece of advice Richard Leonard ever received? Watch the interview here for more.

HVS Executive Search explores what business leaders are looking for in an advisor. They ask the question: "What is the power of advice?"

Leading personalities from the hospitality industry delve into the importance of mentorship, listening skills, empathy and objectivity when receiving and giving advice. The film follows 20 hospitality leaders through Hong Kong, London, New York and Las Vegas and features the heads of companies such as MGM Hospitality, Hilton Worldwide, Wyndham Hotel Group, Four Seasons and Las Vegas Sands.

The Power of Advice has been created to stimulate debate and understanding into how leaders shape their careers, make key business decisions, and interact with their peers. 

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20 hospitality leaders, 4 cities, 1 powerful film. HVS asks "What is the Power of Advice?"