Steven R. Goldman on the Power of Advice

HVS Executive Search releases third Bonus Feature, starring Steven R. Goldman, CEO of Groupe du Louvre, from their award-winning film The Power of Advice

New York, November 6, 2012. HVS Executive Search releases the latest Bonus Feature from their award-winning film The Power of Advice. The third in the series stars Steven R. Goldman, Chief Executive Officer of Groupe du Louvre.

"Getting people to talk helps them figure things out for themselves,” advises Steve R. Goldman in the film. He also delves into the importance of listening and providing mentorship. What is the one piece of advice that Goldman returns to even today? Watch the interview here.

Power of Advice features the world’s most influential hospitality leaders discussing the role that advice has played in their path to success. The film’s stars divulge their greatest sources of advice, and the people who have encouraged and advised them in their journey to the top.

The film, which recently won the Silver Dolphin at the 3rd Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, has been created by leading executive search and advisory firm HVS Executive Search. It was filmed in London, New York, Las Vegas and Hong Kong and features the heads of companies such as MGM Hospitality, Hilton Worldwide, Wyndham Hotel Group, Four Seasons and Las Vegas Sands. The Power of Advice is directed by Tom Haines and produced by The Hobo Film Company with an original score by French composer Jean-Gabriel Becker.
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