Diane Vondrasek, M.S. Hospitality Information Management

Energy Consultant, New York


Diane M. Vondrasek is an Energy Consultant at HVS Energy and Sustainability, a division of HVS that helps hotel owners and operators reduce operating expenses through diligent facility management and informed, strategic investment into building equipment. Diane strives to help her clients understand the environmental and regulatory context in which they operate; develop effective energy management strategies; and implement results-driven solutions to reduce energy, water, and waste related operating expenses.

Her citizenships (UK & USA) and diverse experience provide underpinnings for a robust belief in interdisciplinary collaboration, both domestically and globally, as a driver of energy sustainability.

Diane left the travel industry early in her career to study engineering, and successfully transitioned into quality assurance system engineering in the commercial nuclear power industry. Later, she taught children and young adults about energy technology to emphasize and enhance understanding of each individual's role in responsible energy use. When Diane obtained her M.S. degree in hospitality, she found a professional home in blending her dual passions of energy efficiency and travel.