2013 Hotel Cost Estimating Guide

2013 Hotel Cost Estimating Guide


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  2. Robert BERNUTJul 10, 2013

    Starting a feasabikity study for a 350 rooms

  3. serapioniJul 15, 2013

    architectire officed

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    like the article

  7. Tommy BoydSep 4, 2013

    For a high-end, non-flagged hotel property how much would an outside design consultant typically charge for the overall interior design of rooms, corridors, public areas, etc.? Are such fees based on a flat rate (hourly or otherwise) or on a percentage of the total cost of the FF&E or total cost of construction? Looking for just a consultant fee estimate, not to include purchasing any FF&E. Trying to determine an appropriate construction budget for some of the soft costs. Thanks.

    • Tommy, Fees for Interior Design for any hotel - Branded or non-Branded should be based on a lump sum (flat rate). hourly is not a good way to go. We can give you an idea of fees if you can give us the criteria for the project. Please email me directly at jnehmer@hvs.com

  8. For a suburban area right outside of philadelphia, how much should an engineer cost to develop a hotel (most likely franchise) on a major highway? We are in the process of getting the permits and feel like he's a bit pricey already, being at roughly 80k when we are still on the site engineering stage.

    • Hello Purvi, Thank you for your comments on the cost guide. Regarding your questions on the cost of the engineer, please call me at 301-670-1635 and I will be happy to discuss with you. Jon Nehmer

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