Brand & Management Selection and Contract Negotiations

An effective strategy for improving the value of a hotel property is to align it with an optimal brand, franchise, or operator.

Many first-time hotel owners and developers have yet to create strong relationships with brands and operators, while some lack the necessary industry-specific negotiation experience handle all the details effectively. Others are new to the hospitality industry and require advice on hotel acquisition, development, and legal matters.

Companies such as these look to HVS for the brand and management selection, as well as our expertise in contract negotiations, to move their projects ahead. In addition to our industry experience and resources, we have the world's most comprehensive database of franchise and management agreements to help identify the optimal brand, franchise, or operator that will allow for the following benefits

  • Maximize hotel performance
  • Free up ownership’s time and minimize oversight
  • Grow topline revenue and implement operational efficiencies

In fact, we often assist our clients in identifying the best-suited brand, franchise, or operator for their assets, while also negotiating a favorable contract as a natural progression of our services.


How We Help Our Clients

  • Select the optimal hotel brand, franchise, and/or operator for the asset
  • Improve asset value