Testimony & Litigation Support Services

When the need arises for a hospitality industry expert to provide an objective, independent opinion for arbitration or litigation, HVS stands ready to serve your needs.  Highly seasoned experts in various facets of the hospitality industry are able talk through the issues of your case to define a scope of work.  Our litigation team is comprised of individuals that draw upon their many decades of experience in their specialty.   HVS has a successful track record in providing expert testimony pertaining to issues regarding a wide range of hospitality assets including hotels, resorts, condominium hotels, restaurants, resort rental management programs, timeshare, fractional ownership, golf courses, casinos, convention centers, and sports facilities.  

  • Drawing on our extensive database of hotel operating and sales data along with our hotel operations experience, our team can define a scope of work, conduct focused research and analysis, and provide informed opinions on a specific issue(s).
  • Our track record of litigation outcomes speaks for itself. Depending on the issues of the case, the appropriate HVS professional can provide a list of cases in which they have testified.

HVS’s litigation team provides expert opinions on a wide array of issues, including the following: 

  • Asset valuations for:
    • Bankruptcy proceedings
    • Ad valorem assessment
    • Partnership disputes
    • Lender/owner disputes
    • Eminent domain
    • Market rent re-sets
  • Quantification of loss in profits and/or value due to:
    • Construction defects
    • Disruption of operations
    • Natural and man-made disasters
    • Partial takings
  • Management and franchise contract disputes
  • Lender/owner, owner/operator disputes related to operations and management
  • Private/public partnership disputes
  • Partner/Partner disputes related to deal structure, performance, oversight, etc.
  • Best practices related to hotel operations, preventive maintenance, human resource management, the impact of design on operating costs
  • Employment and guest liability

We specialize in hospitality real estate and operating performance — including for timeshares, gaming and golf properties, and convention facilities — and have set the standard for valuation with a widely accepted methodology. Drawing on our extensive database of hotel operating and sales data, our team can quickly define a scope of work and provide informed opinions on a specific issue.

Our track record of litigation outcomes speaks for itself. For example, we have successfully:

  • Performed valuations of partially-completed hotel and vacant land for litigation between developers and lenders
  • Provided testimony for owner-operators in lawsuits against lenders for selecting unqualified replacement operators
  • Quantified lost income due to construction disruption resulting from construction deficiencies as well as loss in hotel value resulting from partial taking (eminent domain)

Whatever the project, we focus our resources on developing a highly qualified, well-defended expert opinion/report that helps clients win cases or limit damages.


How We Help Our Clients

  • Offer subject matter experts with a proven track record of successful testimony in their specialty
  • Assure extensive depth of knowledge of hospitality industry norms and major hotel markets worldwide
  • Develop highly credible opinions based on in-depth research, analysis and professional experience
  • Employ methodologies developed by HVS that have become the industry standard