In-Depth Hospitality Research

HVS delivers unrivalled hotel intelligence. As a leader in hospitality research, we offer in-depth research across a variety of hospitality topics.

HVS Guide to Hotel Management Contracts

This guide provides an extensive review of hotel management agreements across the globe, offering an in-depth understanding of the key terms and clauses of these agreements. In addition, the reviews are supported by expert insights, to provide you with relevant and useful information.

HVS U.S. Lodging Tax Report

This study examines the current status and historical trends of lodging taxes and policy trends in the US and analyzes lodging tax rates and revenues across a broad range of US cities. It includes lodging tax rates/collections on 150 US cities and all 50 US states.

HVS U.S. Development Cost Survey

This research report is a benchmark for development cost across different hotel classes, with research and a compilation of development costs from actual hotel construction budgets, including an illustrated total development cost per room/per product type.

HVS U.S. Hotel Brokers Survey

This report is a biannual survey that provides an important look at cap rate trends, multipliers, and other key investment metrics for the US hotel industry.

HVS U.S. Franchise Fee Guide

Published each fall, the HVS U.S. Hotel Franchise Fee Guide provides a comparative review of various hotel franchises based on their applicable franchise fees. Selection of an appropriate franchise affiliation affects a property’s ability to compete in its local market, generate profits, and achieve a desirable image and market orientation.

HVS U.S. Performance Report : Spa Department

This annual report outlines the key metrics for the hotel industry’s recent performance and provides a near-term forecast using key economic indicators.
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