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Measuring Economic Impact

In a presentation at the 2001 Annual Conference of the Government Officer's Association, Tom Hazinski, Managing Director of HVS Convention, Sports & Entertainment Facilities Consulting describes and critically examines the theory and practice of meas

Cap Rate 101

Whenever people say they're planning to purchase a hotel, one of the forst questions asked of them is: "What capitalization rate are you using?" Cap rate, as it is called in the industry, has many meanings.

Tax-Exempt Hotel Financing

Because of the limited availability of conventional financing for full-service convention center headquarters hotels, many governments are turning to the tax-exempt bond market to finance their projects.

Room Tax Study - Arena Bond Refunding

Projection of future revenues from the room tax collection of five municipalities near Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Room Taxes may be pledged to support debt service on a proposed dedicated tax revenue bond issue. The proceeds from the Bonds will suppor

Midwest Airlines Center Expansion Feasibility Study

HVS performed a feasibility study of a proposed expansion of the Midwest Airlines Center (formerly known as the Midwest Express Center) and estimated the economic impact of the proposed expansion.

Refinance Your Hotel Now

Imagine a world in which interest rates are the lowest in decades, lenders’ treasuries are bulging with cash looking for a home, and your hotel’s net operating income is looking pretty good, pulling away from the worst months of last year and making

Hotel Mortgage Loan Workouts and Defaults

This is the first of a series of articles in which we will discuss current problems that some borrowers (and obviously their lenders) are having with hotel mortgage loans, along with ideas and strategies for possible resolution.

US Securities Markets- An Investment Opportunity In Hotels For Institutional Investors?

With the uncertainty in US Securities markets, many institutional investors have looked more favorably on real estate as an investment.

Public Entities & New Hotels - A Fine Balance

In today’s real estate development and capital market environments, developing new hotels may be the toughest and most complicated projects to complete.

Hotel Mortgage Loan Workouts and Defaults - PART 2

This is the second in a series of articles where we are addressing the problems, which some borrowers (and obviously their lenders) are having currently with hotel mortgage loans, along with some ideas as to strategies for possible resolution.
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