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Canadian Lodging Outlook October 2003

HVS International Launches Hotel Parking Division HVS/Ultimate Hotel Parking Solutions

Real Estate Compensation

This article describes the unusual compensation packages utilized by HVS International. Its compensation plan was designed to motivate its employees and to give them maximum incentives for producing a high quality and quantity of product.

Canadian Lodging Outlook September 2003

Are You Choosing The Right Appraiser?

The Furture of Full-Service Hotel Development

This article discusses various aspects of Full-Service Hotel development in a post-recession economic recovery. Variables such as cost of capital, market demand, and market specificity are considered.

How Much Should I Pay for the Land?

This article discusses three alternate approaches to determining the value of land at a hotel site, in the absence of comparable land sales. The Allocation Method, Ground Lease Approach, and Land Residual Approach are discussed.

Hotel Valuation Techniques

The article presents three traditional income approaches that are used to estimate the market value of individual hotel assets. Each technique is illustrated by means of a unified case study that allows for a meaningful comparison of the techniques.

Canadian Lodging Outlook August 2003

Maybe The Reserve For Replacement Should Be 7% to 11% of Revenue

A Guide for Lenders Holding Distressed Hotel Loans

Today's lodging market has been hit hard by overbuilding and falling demand. As a result, many lenders are monitoring hotel loans that are not current in their debt service payments.

Contrasting Fortunes of Bay Area Submarkets: Napa and Silicon Valley

In August 2002, the San Francisco office of HVS International published profiles of several hotel markets in the state of California including San Francisco (SF), Silicon Valley (SV), and Napa, among several others. This article updates and contras
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