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Strong rates of return driving hotel development

At any given time 30% to 50% of HVS International's consulting practice involves preparing market feasibility studies and appraisals for proposed hotel developments. . . . The development of a garden-type, modified full-service hotel is provided as

Simultaneous Valuation: A New Capitalization Technique for Hotel and Other Income Properties

The simultaneous valuation formula is an algebraic equation developed for the capitalization of a variable income stream over a forecast period. This article weighs the strengths and weaknesses of traditional capitalization techniques.

Pricing a Management Contract

Lodging appraisals demand some unique approaches. How, for instance, can you determine the value of a hotel management contract?

Shielding Against Incompetence

In many distress hotels, the blame lies with the inept hotel management companies.

Boston Hotel Market Review: Mid-2003

The Boston lodging market, always volatile, continues to decline through mid 2003. Developers are lined up at the door, however, waiting for construction capital. Meanwhile, a new convention center will open in 2004, providing some answers, but gen

Economy and Hotel Sales Improve in the Second Quarter of 2003

This article highlights how the economy and hotel sales move in tandem. Starting in May of this year, right after President Bush announced the combat portion of the war in Iraq over, the economy and hotel sales started to improve.

Fire Your Staff - And Lease Them Back

Employee leasing works as follows: you the owner/employer terminate your employees and immediatley hire them back by an employee leasing organization.

Structuring A Hotel Investment

The components of a hotel investment, complete with an example of how such transactions are being conducted, are examined.

The Art of Hotel Renovation

As the number of major renovations increases, it becomes ever more important to manage and control the process. One reason for the increase is that many hotels built in the 70s and 80s need more that a facelift and con't compete with newer product.
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