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Forcasting Revenues And Expenses

In forecasting revenues and expenses for a lodging facility, progressive hotel appraisal firms use a fixed and variable compenent model.

How To Buy A Feasibility Study That Works For You

Hotel, motel and resort feasibility studies are used for many different purposes. Most studies assist in defining markets and justifying the demand for proposed projects.

How To Commission A Feasibility Study

Devolping a new hotel or motel typically requires a feasibility study verifying market demand and proving the project is economically viable.

How To Discourage Hotel Overbuilding: A Case Study

Hotel overbuilding is a subject which has been frequently addressed by hotel and real estate professionals during the last few years.

How To Perform A Study Of Your Property's Market

Most hotel/motel market studies and appraisals quantify the demand for transient accommodations using a factor known as a room night.

Selecting The Firm To Prepare Your Feasibility Study

Developing a new hotel or motel typically requires a feasibility study to verify market demand and to prove the project is economically viable.

Understanding Economic Life

Economic life is the period when improvements to a property contribute to property value. Hotels and motels have a definite life span of postive cash flow.

Don't Forget Your Waste Audit

Although you think you have audited and reviewed every aspect of your hotel's operations, i bet you have not performed a solid waste audit.

Napa Market Overview

The Napa hotel market derives a large portion of its guestroom demand from throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. While the economic vitality of all nine counties in the San Francisco Bay Area has the most direct impact, Napa is also a region

San Diego Market Overview

While the nation’s hospitality industry limped through 2001, there were several cities across the nation that fared reasonably well in spite of the malaise caused by the national economy slowdown and the events of September 11th. San Diego, also know
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