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Russell Kett

The Owners' Voice Europe 

HOFTEL is releasing a series of webinars which focus on the impact of Covid-19 on hotel owners. In this series, we interview our members and hear about their experiences first hand. In this edition we talk to our three of our European members Amaris, Er Yatirim and SHPH about: 
  • How their hotels have been affected
  • How the banks have reacted
  • What support they have received from brands
  • Creative solutions to increase revenue
  • The future outlook
  • We also include a presentation on operational benchmarking from HotStats and an in-depth discussion on hotel valuation with HVS.
The webinar can also be viewed at, enter the password: HOFTELWebinar2020 when requested. 

00:01:08 - Introduction to HOFTEL | Simon Allison, Chairman & CEO | HOFTEL

00:03:49 - Hotel Owner Interview | Richard Nottage, President | SHPH

00:13:55 - Hotel Owner Interview | John Brennan, Chairman | Amaris Hospitality

00:28:59 - Operational Benchmarking | Michael Grove, Managing Director EMEA | HotStats

00:51:59 - Hotel Owner Interview | Ferzan Çelikkanat, General Manager | Er Yatirim

01:07:30 - The Future of Hotel Valuations | Russell Kett, Chairman | HVS

If you have any issues with viewing the webinar, please contact Flora van Twisk; [email protected]  

Hala Matar Choufany

Arabian Hotel Investment Conference (AHIC) Online Event, Hospitality Tomorrow: Follow the Sun. Episode 2

The first edition of Hospitality Tomorrow attracted 5,343 hospitality decision-makers from 128 countries around the world. A truly virtual event, we are back for Episode 2 where we will follow the sun around the globe with a focus on China, India, the Middle East, Europe and ending with North America. 

Why are we doing this?  Because one thousand of you responded to our survey and said: ‘let’s do it again’ as we need to continue the conversation to assess the changes in our world and people - operationally, financially, and psychologically.  Where, when and how signs of recovery can be anticipated and the role of Travel & Tourism in accelerating momentum for recovery.‚Äč

It is crucial that we rebuild confidence in the global community.  Now is the time to continue the conversation - make those critical connections that you need to build the right understanding, relationships, unity and actionable ways to support one another now for a stronger response - as one industry, one community for one tomorrow.

Event details
Date: June, 2020
Time: TBD

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Hala Matar Choufany

HBS/Capital Club Future of Tourism and Hospitality Sector