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Segmenting Millennial Travelers Business vs. Leisure

How do you gain the loyalty of millennials? This article analyzes the top two opportunities by segmenting the next generation of travel: millennial business travelers vs. millennial leisure travelers.

IN FOCUS: Shanghai Boutique Hotel Market Scene

Though it is difficult to pinpoint a definition of boutique hotel, we analyze some traits of boutique hotel that are universally agreed through the case study of seven prominent “boutique” hotels in Shanghai.

Here To Stay - An Overview of the European Serviced Apartment Industry

This article gives an overview of the European serviced apartment sector. We highlight the trends, opportunities and challenges and give an overview of the general investment environment and appetite for serviced apartments.

Repositioning a Destination

What is needed to reposition an entire destination? All around the world destinations reach a mature life cycle and are forced to re-invent themselves due to increased global competition. This case study on Montenegro can provide an insight.

HVS Reviews Sascha Reichstein’s Book Be my Guest

This review of Sascha Reichstein’s Be my Guest, examines Hilton’s dual role as an international American symbol and a local institution. Reichstein’s book uses photographic images and employee interviews to contrast two international Hilton hotels.

Capex In Crisis

Steve Rushmore's May 2010 article for Lodging Hospitality.

Managing a Hotel Renovation to Minimize Guest Inconvenience and Loss of Revenue

A summary on the actions that are essential in order to initiate a "painless as possible" renovation of a hotel while concurrently minimizing the financial impact on the hotel's bottom line.

Canadian Lodging Outlook September 2007

What Were The Major Factors Affecting Capital Expenditures From 2000 To 2005?

The Value of an Owner's Representative

Discussing Project Management in the hospitality sector.