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Performance Analysis Techniques to Drive Profits

Australian Tourism Export Council Symposium, Royal Pines Resort – 30 April 2004

Managing Performance in Cyclical Markets

Australian Tourism Export Council Symposium, Royal Pines Resort – 29 April 2004

The Dual Brand Hotel Concept

An Effective And Growing Alternative For Hotel Developments Throughout Brazil

The Internet: Friend or Foe?

In this article, the author discusses the benefits of the internet in managing hotels.

The Perils Of Incomplete Specifications

Purchasing agents are the last checkpoint through which information passes prior to production of FF&E. As such they have an obligation to ensure that both clients’ and designers’ expectations will be met by the vendors.

An Investment Driven Breakeven Analysis for Hotels

ID.RevPAR & ID.GOPPAR: the Investment Driven RevPAR and GOPPAR

Canadian Lodging Outlook August 2003

Maybe The Reserve For Replacement Should Be 7% to 11% of Revenue

Shielding Against Incompetence

In many distress hotels, the blame lies with the inept hotel management companies.

Hospitality Lighting - Purchasing and Installation

There are many considerations purchasing agents take into account before placing a lighting purchase order for guestroom and public areas. They must examine an order from an operations point of view, as well as a guest's. A lighting fixture can be ei