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The Perils Of Incomplete Specifications

Purchasing agents are the last checkpoint through which information passes prior to production of FF&E. As such they have an obligation to ensure that both clients’ and designers’ expectations will be met by the vendors.

The Furture of Full-Service Hotel Development

This article discusses various aspects of Full-Service Hotel development in a post-recession economic recovery. Variables such as cost of capital, market demand, and market specificity are considered.

Strong rates of return driving hotel development

At any given time 30% to 50% of HVS International's consulting practice involves preparing market feasibility studies and appraisals for proposed hotel developments. . . . The development of a garden-type, modified full-service hotel is provided as

The Art of Hotel Renovation

As the number of major renovations increases, it becomes ever more important to manage and control the process. One reason for the increase is that many hotels built in the 70s and 80s need more that a facelift and con't compete with newer product.

The Ultimate Guest Room: Could It Ever Exist Anywhere?

As hotel-motel appraisers and consultants, our fir inspects hundreds of lodging facilities each year. Our experience and imaginations have led us to formulate the following list of amenties that would characterize the perfect luxury hotel room.

Feasibility Studies: Fact or Fiction

Recently. the trade press has been buzzing with articles addressing the topic of hotel feasibility studies and whether they accurately portray the future operating results of a proposed hotel.

How To Buy A Feasibility Study That Works For You

Hotel, motel and resort feasibility studies are used for many different purposes. Most studies assist in defining markets and justifying the demand for proposed projects.

How To Commission A Feasibility Study

Devolping a new hotel or motel typically requires a feasibility study verifying market demand and proving the project is economically viable.

How To Discourage Hotel Overbuilding: A Case Study

Hotel overbuilding is a subject which has been frequently addressed by hotel and real estate professionals during the last few years.

Selecting The Firm To Prepare Your Feasibility Study

Developing a new hotel or motel typically requires a feasibility study to verify market demand and to prove the project is economically viable.