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Croatia - Destination of the Past and a Promise for the Future

In this report we shed some light on the current and future outlook of the main hotel markets in Croatia. We specifically assess the investment opportunities that currently exist in the market for the development of, and investment in, hotels.

Middle East Hotel Markets - Outlook, Trends and Opportunities, and Hotel Valuation Index

The Middle East hotel market survey assesses the trends in trading performances, investments and values for 16 markets in the region.

Marrakech - A City Of Cultural Tourism

Morocco has identified tourism as a major growth area which is to be implemented through the Plan Azur. HVS is launching three articles on Morocco with the first one focusing on tourism trends and the outlook of Marrakech as a destination.

CMBS Emerging Market Dominance

The real estate capital markets demonstrate a remarkable ability to change and adapt. Perhaps, the most significant example is the emergence of the Commercial Mortgage Backed Security (CMBS)...

The Istanbul Hotel Market 2005

An assessment of the hotel market in Istanbul; have things changed in recent years, what does the future hold?

Oman - Today's Spotlight, Tomorrow's Destination

An assessment of the hotel market in Oman; a most emerging market in the Middle East.

Middle East Hotel Markets - Outlook, Trends and Opportunities

HVS launched the annual report on hotel operating, development and investment trends in the Middle East. It covers each major hotel market in depth, reporting on hotel RevPAR, and GOPPAR trends, brand and hotel development, and the future outlook.

Hotel Market Review and Assessment - Cairo

...And some consider hotel operating performance in the Middle East to be poor!

Middle East Hotel Markets - Outlook, Trends and Opportunities 2004 Edition

Resilience is Again Demonstrated as the Middle East Hotel Market Bounces Back

Kuwait Wins Hotel War!

For the first time in its history, the Kuwait hotel market outperformed most, if not all, of the markets in the EMAI region.
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