Brian Bisema

Senior Vice President, Boston

Consulting Experience

Over nearly a decade in the industry, Brian Bisema has been involved in nearly every facet of how hotels are bought, sold, run, and valued. His background extends across hundreds of assignments, from appraisals of existing full-service hotels and resorts to feasibility studies for proposed new builds. A native of Boston, Brian has honed his expertise in hotel markets across New England. Fueled by thorough fieldwork, meticulous research, and years of on-the-ground experience, trust Brian's conclusions and advice to help your hotel loan, transaction, or development succeed.

Brian's industry publications include surveys of the Boston hotel and convention market, the effects of economic downturns on hotel lending, and demand segmentation in U.S. markets. Brian earned his bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from Boston University. He is a state-certified appraiser and has contributed expert testimony in courts of law, specializing in legal matters of hotel property taxes and finance.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter as well as staying active with weight training and cardiovascular excursions. He rampantly supports the sports franchises of New England, namely the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Celtics, and the New England Patriots.