FHRAI Indian Hotel Industry Survey 2013-2014

The survey, representing 1,295 hotels in various cities across different star categories in India, presents key statistics for the industry. It provides information about financial performance, marketing media usage patterns, guest segmentation, etc.
Rishabh is an associate director with HVS' Cape Town office. He has worked in the Asia Pacific and Africa regions over the past four years and has conducted multiple valuations, feasibility studies, portfolio valuations, operator searches, market studies and due diligence reports in various developing markets. Prior to his tenure at HVS, Rishabh has worked in hotel operations with the Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) before moving to a development role with his family's hotel business. He graduated from the Taj Management Training Program in 2008 and holds a BA (Hons) in Hotel Management from the Institute of Hotel Management Aurangabad (University of Huddersfield, UK). Contact Rishabh at [email protected]


  1. very good for data analysis

  2. need data for analysis purpose

  3. very good for data analysis

  4. indian hotel survey analysis and statistical data from 2011to 2013

  5. indian hotel survey analysis and statistical data from 2011to 2013

  6. Joseph. PereiraFebruary 3, 2015

    Good data for research and analysis

  7. Thank you for the rpeort

  8. Dr. Aarti MahendruMarch 23, 2015

    Thanks to HVS for providing these survey results. It support the research work on Hotel Industy..

  9. Rajneesh SHARMAApril 14, 2015

    Thanks a ton for the report. It gives reasonable insight to the future of the industry

  10. Dinesh GuptaMay 2, 2015

    good report. helpful

  11. Suku VergheseSeptember 1, 2015

    Great Report as always. Like for Accommodation, would it be possible to get some more metrics on Banquet Revenues - Average Per Check, Hall occupancy etc.

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