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The Rushmore Letter - July 9, 2003

In this issue Steve Rushmore discusses his presentation given at the NYU Hotel Investment Conference.This presentation covered the latest valuation trends for the U.S. lodging industry.

Valuation Trends for the U.S. Lodging Industry

Steve Rushmore gave a keynote address to over 1,500 lodging industry leaders attending the NYU Hospitality Investment Conference in New York City. The topic was “Valuation Trends for the U.S. Lodging Industry.”

Canadian Lodging Outlook April 2003

Reporting In At Four Months.....

The Valuation of Distressed Hotels

Today's hotel market is in a state of chaos. The overbuilding of the 1980s coupled with the recession of the 1990s has sent hotel occupancies in many parts of the country plummeting.

Middle East Hotels - Trends and Opportunities 2002

The 2002 edition of HVS International’s report on Trends and Opportunities for Hotels in the Middle East

HVS European Hotel Valuation Index In-Depth Insights 2002

The HVI is a sophisticated hotel valuation benchmark developed by HVS International. It monitors annual percentage changes in the values of, mainly, four-star and five-star hotels in 28 major European markets.

HVS European Hotel Valuation Index In-Depth Insights 2001

HVS International’s London Office has released the latest edition of its annual review of European hotel value trends, the Hotel Valuation Index (HVI). The European HVI has tracked trends in hotel values in 29 key regional markets.

Hotel Mortgage Loan Workouts and Defaults

This is the first of a series of articles in which we will discuss current problems that some borrowers (and obviously their lenders) are having with hotel mortgage loans, along with ideas and strategies for possible resolution.

US Securities Markets- An Investment Opportunity In Hotels For Institutional Investors?

With the uncertainty in US Securities markets, many institutional investors have looked more favorably on real estate as an investment.