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Cairo Market Snapshot 2009

An overview of the Cairo hotel market including new developments and initiatives.

Market Intelligence Report: Las Colinas, Texas

The Las Colinas lodging market is becoming more and more enmeshed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area’s web of activity. This growth has the potential to influence hotel trends in the recession and beyond.

Spiritual Lodging - the Sharia-Compliant Hotel Concept

This article attempts to clearly define the requirements a hotel must meet to be Sharia-compliant, and the differences between this concept and that of ‘dry’ hotels.

Beirut, Lebanon - Against All Odds

In this article HVS seeks to shed light on hotel developments, investment in tourism and the economic situation in Lebanon.

Muscat Market Snapshot

This article gives an overview of the Muscat hotel market, an emerging market with numerous investment opportunities.

Bodrum - The St Tropez of Turkey?

This article analyses Bodrum’s visitation pattern and takes a closer look at the local hotel market’s performance and future development opportunities.

Tim Smith's Letter To Santa Claus

Tim Smith, a director with HVS's London office, describes his ten wishes for the UK hotel industry in 2009

Abu Dhabi Market Snapshot

An overview of the Abu Dhabi market

Beirut Market Snapshot

An overview of the Beirut market

Damascus Market

An overview of the Damascus market