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HVS Market Pulse: Houston, Texas

The Houston lodging market has experienced significant fluctuations in recent years, driven by increases in supply, an energy recession, a Super Bowl, two MLB post-season runs, and one of the costliest natural disasters of all time. In this article, we look at where we go from here.

HVS Market Pulse: Richmond, VA

Richmond was recently rated among the world’s top tourism destinations, and leisure demand remains a pillar of the city’s hotel industry. Corporations, government institutions, and conventions are also driving occupancies and interest in new supply.

Market Snapshot: Augusta, Georgia

This 300-year-old city on Georgia’s eastern border boasts a concentration of military, medical, and commercial institutions. How are changes in per-diem rates and increased travel affecting Augusta’s hotels?

Market Snapshot: Alexandria, Virginia

The Alexandria hotel market has shown relatively good health despite the ill effects of the recession. The stability of local demand generators and continuing developments are a major reason why.