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Gone to the Dogs...Pet-friendly Accommodations: Revenue Producer or Marketing Farce?

A hotel’s pet-friendly policies can bring both trials and rewards.

Marketing a Hotel Online In a Struggling Economy

In a tough economy, when your marketing budget shrinks, you need to be careful about how you invest your money. The return on investment (ROI) for online marketing spending is faster than almost any other form of hotel marketing.

What Part of No Don’t You Understand? How to Track and Assess Lost Group Business

Group sales managers in hotels, convention and conference center, and CVB’s need to understand the reasons for lost business. This article presents a comprehensive approach to lost business analysis that helps increase group sales.

Layer or Top-Up - why European Hotel Investors should include Revenue Management in their Investment

The author considers that a strengthened understanding by hotel investors of revenue management principles will permit investors to make better investment decisions.

Guadalajara — Preparing for the Future

The popularity of Guadalajara has surged in recent years, attracting new businesses, residents, and developments that are positioning the city as a world-class business and travel destination.

A Home For The Modern Nomad: Extended Stay Hotels

HVS analyses the supply and demand patterns that govern the serviced apartment sector in Europe and ultimately answers the question: extended stay – where are the opportunities?

Canadian Lodging Outlook January 2008

Where will a hotel see the results of its green initiatives...

Canadian Lodging Outlook September 2007

What Were The Major Factors Affecting Capital Expenditures From 2000 To 2005?

Offshoring: The Next Level of an "Asset Light" Strategy

Global players are focusing more and more on their core business and getting out of asset-heavy balance sheets.

Canadian Lodging Outlook August 2007

When is it Profitable to Add a Waterslide to Your Hotel?
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